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I just sent a text to one of the guys in the year below me the basics of the FASTHUG principal for “ICU Prophylaxis”, or preventing common problems in ICU patients, so I thought of post it in case any like minded student types want a quick & easy guide (just keep in mind I’m in Australia, so things may be a little different in other countries).

So, what does it stand for?

Head of bed 30°
Ulcer prophylaxis (PPIs)
Glycaemic control

The execution:
F) feed people as soon as you can, if you can’t feed them enterally (oral/NG) start TPN. consult with Dieticians!
A) keep pts pain free (pretty simple!), utilise the Pain Team! they’re a branch of anaesthetics & they love being consulted
S) sedation gets a bit controversial; some bosses like patients to take “sedation vacations” during the day as it decreases ICU stay length. as for choice - propofol is very short acting, so good for short term or if you need to assess GCS more frequently. midaz hangs around much longer, so bad if you’re planning on waking up & extubating the next day.
T) clexane/heparin + TEDS + calf compressors on EVERYONE unless contraindicated. mobilise early & often, consult with Physios!
H) pretty simple!
U) 40mg pantoprazole IV daily
G) check sugars regularly (esp when starting feeds, always when on TPN). start an actrapid sliding scale for diabetics until they are more stable (typically 0.5units per mmol of sugar, if the sugar is over 6 - eg. if it’s 5, give nothing. if it’s 8, give 4units). actrapid infusions for persistently high sugars & DKA.


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My hospital does the incredible courtesy of providing biscuits for the staff and volunteers. At least, I think they’re for the staff. If not I have a lot of explaining to do.

the most important thing is to know where the milo is kept in the hospital - biscuits are everywhere, milo is a specialty item. this knowledge will save your life one day.

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long lunch break + skate park near the practice = lunchtime skating!

I’m slowly, slowly getting into doing a crossover. now confident enough to put my feet in line, and step my feet going around a corner. I’ll get there! practice makes perfect.



Alright, I think we’re done here. Close please, nurse.

100% medically accurate.

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I’ve not been having a great semester, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if I fail due to not meeting requirements for the course (not getting all the boxes ticked).

I’m not looking forward to being a doctor next year. I’m not looking forward to being a doctor at all.

So I’ve been thinking about taking 6-12 months off to work full time, and get myself interested in medicine again. I’m in the enviable position of basically being able to walk into full time employment if I want it (Nursing).
Aside from the financial benefits, I could use the time to work towards doing the USMLE and get a job in the US (difficult, but possible).

The downside would be that if I take a break from study, my Youth Allowance will lapse & I won’t be able to get Austudy because of weird reasons (too many years of higher education). But I could potentially save money to counteract that.


the way to remember Parasympathetic controls erections & Sympathetic controls ejaculation is “Point & Shoot”

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It was an experience I’ll never forget. I can replay every step in my mind- except her name. I think I have a fair idea what it was but I guess there’s no way I can find out now.

I’ve sat with 2 or 3 patients as they’ve died peacefully in front of me, and I couldn’t tell you any of their names. I can vividly remember 2 of them but maybe there isn’t actually a 3rd. I’ve walked in and found patients that have passed away, or I’ve been at their resuscitation that has failed. I’ve helped wash, dress, bag and place on the mortuary trolley more patients than I can recall.

I couldn’t tell you any of their names.

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Photo Set


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A Study in Hand Stitches (including button sewing!)

I’ve just decided to digitize and upload all my cool sewing lessons I have saved from high school. Enjoy!

ok which style would you like for your appendicectomy scar?
(I’m actually totally useless & surgical suturing, but pretty nifty at hand sewing so it really frustrates me)

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