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I need this ($30, from


finished making jammer helmet covers for derby training! woo!
I am very pleased with how these turned out.

also my cat.


one of my cats, the deaf one, has been missing since he ran away from me when I came home last night. I assumed he was just being a brat & would be home by morning for breakfast but he never showed up. he hasn’t even popped back in for a drink of water, what he does every day.

I’ve walked around the neighbourhood a few times, and called the vets. he has a collar with a tag & is microchipped, so I hope he is returned to me soon.

his sister meanwhile has made no attempt to locate him. at one point we both jumped up to look out the window when we heard some leaves rustle, but it turned out to be a giant blue tongue lizard in the garden.


i hurt my wrist somehow a few weeks ago and have resigned to wearing a wrist brace like a massive goober.