i bought a bunch of clothes from Coles (there are a few stores that sell fashions, and for some reason Armidale is one of them) and I thought I would show off a few. i only buy clothes from the clearance rack that are ~$5 each, but they were having a sale with 30% off the reduced prices so many bargains!

i took these photos in my laundry and posed with items i could grab in the 12sec it took the self-timer to go off.

(the spotty shirt was actually an op shop find, but I wanted to show that off too)

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    I like the blue shirt best! You’re pretty and I like this photo shoot method. ~~INTERNET FRENZ SINCE ‘97 FREEZONE~~
  2. reni6576 said: What a clever little shopper! I like the spotty blouse.
  3. sblehblb said: Very nice clothes. Cool pictures! Very lovely!
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